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    Trending Deals

    Incredibly cheap flights on private jets

    Eureka (CA) → Scottsdale
    Midsize Jet (8 seats)
    Nov. 29

    <del>$9,240 </del><strong>Only $3,249</strong>

    $9,240 Only $3,249

    Atlantic City→ Chicago
    Midsize Jet (7 seats)
    Dec. 2-3

    <del>$16.100 </del><strong>Only $8,849</strong>

    $16.100 Only $8,849

    Mexico → Houston
    Heavy Jet (13 seats)
    Dec. 24-25

    <del>$33,100 </del><strong>Only $14,919*</strong>

    $33,100 Only $14,919*

    Denver→ Milwaukee
    Midsize Jet (7 seats)
    Dec. 27

    <del>$10,310 </del><strong>Only $8,749*</strong>

    $10,310 Only $8,749*

    *All flights listed do not include 7.5% federal excise tax (FET). Price listed is for use of the entire aircraft.

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    Empty legs are available now

    Private jets operate on an individual, on-demand basis.  As a result around 33% of flights are flown empty, commonly referred to as “empty legs”. This gives us the ability to connect you to flights on private jets at prices comparable to first and business-class fares on airlines.

    50% – Average Discount.
    75% – Time Savings.
    100% – More Convenient & Efficient.


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